A peek into Crown Cab’s 28 years of success in the taxicab industry


    Mayur Khandelwal is the vice president of Crown Cab, a taxi company flowing through the streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, the “Queen City” itself. Started by Khandelwal’s father back in 1987, the mechanical engineer got into the cab business when his family first emigrated from India by way of New York. After living in Charlotte for a few years, his dad received a job offer in the Big Apple. “My sister and I didn’t want to leave Charlotte — we loved it here,” Khandelwal says. So his father started looking for a livelihood in the city they would eventually call home. “He bought one car, then five, and then ten. It turned into Crown Cab, and we never left.”

    Today, Crown Cab has grown its fleet significantly, ferrying hundreds of people a day to where they need to go. Says Khandelwal, “We’re always seeking new ways to bring value to our customers.” For a family business like Crown Cab, growth is an imperative. But what really matters, Khandelwal tell us, is “sustainable growth, or what I would say, manageable growth.” And that particular stripe of success comes from great advisors — the kind Khandelwal found in Bookkeeper360. Khandelwal first discovered the firm while he was trying to track down cloud-based business tools. Why does he care so much about the cloud? “Strength comes from streamlining things,” he says. “You can find massive value in simplifying manual tasks.”

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    While thumbing through Xero’s partner network, Khandelwal gravitated to Bookkeeper360 and their emphasis on using innovative, “best-in-class” tools. “We really believe in them — they see a variety of ways to get things done.”

    After receiving a new government contract, Crown Cab was forced to conduct a full financial audit. Soon thereafter, they engaged Bookkeeper360 to help them with the task. “For us, the first response was, ‘Wait, we have to do that much work and pay that much money for an audit that we don’t want to do?’ It was really hard.” Once Khandelwal got over the initial shock, he tried to think of how he could use the audit to their advantage. “The first objective was to get through it, the second one was to make it less painful, and then next year, it’s to learn from it.” Khandelwal believes his relationship with Bookkeeper360 will help them get there. “The proof will be in the pudding,” he says.

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